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A terrific review by Janet Maslin on the front page of the Arts section.
Extra bonus: From here you can link to more interior portions of the book.

See press here, including the Wall Street Journal article that broke the story,
and my latest blog post on the news.

My blog post on the subject
AP via Huff Po

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Watch ABC News 20/20 full hour on the AFTER ETAN story,
featuring Lisa R. Cohen



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PEOPLE Magazine gives "gripping" AFTER ETAN 3 1/2 stars!


AFTER ETAN goes international, in the UK's Guardian



The Jewish Book Council review of AFTER ETAN - some Nachas!



A touching review from mom blogger "FireMom." Shed a few tears...



Lisa Cohen's latest Huffington Post -
Show some humanity in Florida's Somer Thompson case



Lisa Cohen traveled to St. Louis for the annual St. Louis Jewish Book Festival.
Read her interview in the St. Louis Jewish Light



Jaycee Dugard has broken her silence,
and Lisa Cohen wrote about it on Huffington Post, here



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Lisa R. Cohen Op Ed in New York Daily News: Do We Hold Our Kids Too Tight?


Stan Patz endorses Leslie Crocker Snyder for DA who pledges
Grand Jury investigation

Retiring DA Robert Morgenthau blasts Leslie Crocker Snyder for pandering to Patz family; rebuttal

An open letter from Etan Patz's cousin Kim. She asks that you please pass this on to your contacts via email, Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.

A nice review from author Gregg Olsen in the Crime Rant Blog

Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism spotlights AFTER ETAN

Bloggin’ Bout Books – an extremely well-written review of AFTER ETAN.
And she really GOT the book and its intent

Listen to Lisa R. Cohen onshock jock Elliot in the Morning show - DC101
(part 1 of 2)

Listen to Lisa R. Cohen onshock jock Elliot in the Morning show - DC101
(part 2 of 2)


Charley Project (Missing Children Blog) reviews AFTER ETAN


Listen to Lisa R. Cohen on "Justice Interrupted" radio
(hit time is 41:10 minutes in)

Listen to DC101's Elliot in the Morning
as he free associates his angst at attending the DC AFTER ETAN book party.
In between panicking about what to wear, and what to pickpocket, he waxes eloquent about missing children and his ties to the Patz case.

Listen to DC101's Elliot in the Morning
...the morning after...the DC AFTER ETAN book party, as he debriefs on his adventure. He later swore to the host that he didn't steal a thing. Also, again, sandwiches his outrageous free fall with informed comments about missing children, the National Center, and the Patz case, and a call to action.


AFTER ETAN's Lisa R. Cohen interviewed in the Boston Herald


Etan's father Stan Patz endorses Leslie Crocker Snyder for New York DA

AFTER ETAN goes to Turkey 

Read Lisa R. Cohen's FIRST Huffington Post column, commenting on the Steven Damman mystery. Then, if you can, please log in to post a short comment, to show them the traffic!

Read NY Times Lisa Belkin on missing children and how to prevent them

Listen to Lisa R. Cohen onthe Leonard Lopate Show

The New York Daily News says I'm on tour! A very short tour...

HuffPo's Vickie Karp reviews AFTER ETAN

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AFTER ETAN excerpted online by ABC News 20/20

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A recap of the Etan Patz case, citing AFTER ETAN

Listen to Lisa R. Cohen on IMUS - 77WABC

A very nice blog post. Thanks Vickie Karp!

WCBS Channel 2 reports the latest on the Patz case

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A New bill pending in PA legislature could keep Jose Ramos behind bars


Poignant commentary by Bonnie Goldstein in Slate The XX Factor blog

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CHILDHOOD'S END: The Kidnapping Of Etan Patz Changed What It Means To
Be A Kid -- And A Parent -- In New York

Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

New York Daily News logo
Etan Patz's dad wants to keep perv he says killed SoHo 6-yr.-old in jail

Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

 A nice PICK OF THE WEEK review from Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind
(a canny, hip, literary crime blog)






Books are shipping early! 
Check your bookstores now.



LESLIE CROCKER SNYDER profiled in NY Daily News  (4/26/09)

...Specific cases drive her, like that of Etan Patz, a 6-year-old SoHo boy who disappeared 30 years ago next month. The prime suspect, Jose Ramos, will be released from prison on another case two years early. "The case has haunted me," she says. "My kids were 5 and 2. It's every mother's, every parent's, nightmare. I would open a grand jury investigation. There is enough evidence."





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